About Mobileslots.ca or Who We Are

Hi, everyone, and welcome to our website mobileslots.ca. We are here to make your gambling experience even more exciting, and at this very moment, our team is working hard in order to provide you with relevant, useful, and up-to-date information about mobile slots and their reliability.

Our mission is to deliver the most unbiased reviews of mobile slot machines, and we are so much delighted to get loads of positive feedback from gamblers all over Canada. Since all of us are true fans of online casino games, we want you to feel great while gambling. Every day, we passionately check online casinos and mobile apps for the quality of their services. We also look at how secure and trustworthy they are. Just go straight to our reviews and feel protected while picking the most friendly casino app.

Know Us Better!

As our main goal is to give you accurate information and make your online journey safer and more satisfactory, we invest in our staff substantially. While hiring, we look for experienced gamblers with strong analytical skills throughout the country. That’s why our team is absolutely extraordinary and consists of mobile gambling professionals who love their job! Here we deal with facts based on both our hands-on experience and a deep analysis of gambling services’ development, integration, and even marketing.

Mobileslots.ca sticks to the policy of non-cooperation with any online casinos, and we do not promote or advertise games for money. We are eager to cast light upon the actual quality of the services provided by sites or applications.

We do our best to make our recourse unprejudiced and useful for all online gamblers in Canada. And you bet it is.

What We Can Do for You

We can help you pick a reliable and safe app for your gambling needs. Unfortunately, there are casinos that are not trustworthy at all, and we stay on guard so that gamblers could never bump into them.

How exactly do we do that? We test every gambling website or app and do research. After that, you get to know for sure if the site or app is suitable for you. Traditionally, we pay attention to these points:

  • bonuses and special offers;
  • seamless payouts;
  • quality support for clients;
  • appropriate and valid license;
  • comfortable and reliable payment systems;
  • personal data protection (like phone number or credit card info);
  • diversity of casino games and regular updates;

We analyze every point and rank casinos for you to feel confident using them. Our top online casinos will definitely meet all your expectations. But if we spot any problems (ranging from poor quality to fraud) or suspect any serious troubles for a gambler, we do our best to reveal them. We check everything again month by month to update our reviews so that we could know you always receive fresh information.

Our experience allows us to notice small details that are not visible to the naked eye and recognize plenty of potential hazards like fraud or scams. Sometimes we feel like true detectives, and we are proud of what we do.


Mobileslots.ca is a website providing reviews of online casinos. We do not promote any brands, and we are not connected or affiliated with a particular operator. Every piece of information in the reviews shared on mobileslots.ca is the personal opinion of our reviewers based on their professional experience. Though we make every effort to publish only correct information, we cannot give you any guarantees of 100% data accuracy. Online casinos’ services, terms, and conditions can be changed or replaced very quickly. That’s why the information provided in a review may soon become false or inaccurate, and you should assume responsibility for using it — you cannot take it as ultimate expert advice.